Foreigner? Living in Holland? What can you expect?
A light-hearted look at those cheese-heads in all their weird glory. Dealing with the Dutch has something for everyone; be you a native cloggie, ex-pat, love-pat or re-pat. Dealing with the Dutch is English spoken, but is also hilarious for Dutch themselves. As all plays of Plankgas, also this one can be performed in a private setting in your home or at any location of your choice.
On August 29 we perform at Strandpaviljoen De Fuut, The Hague. With theatre dinner! Reservations: 


Text Actors and Director

Actors Anna Nicolaï, Camilla van Doorn, Mechteld Schelberg
Direction Magali de Frémery

Music Michael Woudstra, Josef Rebbe Costumes Quirine Bouma

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