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Theatre review: Suitcases & Sacrifices – Expat life exposed by Plankgas

Thu 10 February 2011

Stripped of all its glamour and sophistication, life as a travel-worn and often disenchanted expat was thrown under the spotlight by the Dutch theatre group, Plankgas, at the Pepijn Theatre in The Hague this week. TheHagueOnLine’s Lily-Anne Stroobach gives us a look into this dramatic yet humorous production.


Adventures in Expatland
February 8, 2011
On Sunday evening, a new friend and I met up to see the two-woman play Suitcases and Sacrifices at Den Haag’s Pepijn Theater.
Another fellow expat had recommended it, and it sounded intriguing. As explained in TheHagueOnline here, this play has been translated from its original Dutch.
At times touching and deeply affecting, at others uproariously funny, the show tackles the highs, lows and inaccurate assumptions of the expatriate life.
The two talented actresses, Linda Moller and Mechteld

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